Ellipsis Tree Collective (ETC) Theatre Company is a Calgary based Afrocentric performance society that develops and curates culturally conscious art. We are dedicated to the development and production of creative work by visible minority artists for the professional stage, in an effort to normalize our presence, increase inclusivity and foster equity.

We are storytellers, and it is our responsibility to tell stories that reflect the various faces that make up our city's mosaic, especially those of the African diaspora.

We serve underrepresented artists, providing support, training and the space to experiment and play, in an effort to procure a sustainable pool of culturally inclined creators in Calgary.


The Artistic Director of Ellipsis Tree Collective, Janelle has channeled her passion for exploring the Black experience in Canada and African oral traditions through performance creation, voice work and writing. She has produced and performed in various events for ETC, including The Canadian Premiere of Ruined, and The Black Canadian Theatre Series of 2015.

Who We Are